Species prosthesis

Species prosthesis is a permanent way of highlighting the species and is not temporary like fat, gel and other fillers. The consistency of the prosthesis is slightly softer than bone and is silicone. So the most common type of prosthetic in the world is soft silicone. Surgery for cheek prostheses usually involves an incision in the mouth, in the space between the gums and the lips, the upper part of the tooth is about two centimeters long, then the cheek bone is operated. This is done by removing the sensory nerve of the area and creating a space the size of the prosthesis until the prosthesis is positioned at a fixed point and screwed in, making the prosthesis not move because if it is placed under the muscle with muscular contractions Prosthesis can be removed. In this post on the bold site we talk about the complications of all kinds of prosthetic surgery before and after gel and fat at home without surgery in the natural way.

Species prosthesis and fat injection

Due to the presence of stem cells in the face, the injection of fat will return the initial youthful vitality to the face, and because the face is always asymmetric, and over 2% of people on both sides of the face have asymmetry, the use of fat is more appropriate because it can be used. Any amount needed is injected but the prosthesis on both sides is of the same shape and size. Another advantage of injecting fat is that the under eye also fills and the eyelid becomes young and even the frown line around the eye is modified with fat. The only disadvantage of low-fat injections in some patients is that a third of them are absorbed at the outset.

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