Eyelid surgery

Some cosmetic surgery clients remember their eyes after nose surgery and lip injection and go to plastic surgeons to get their eyelids peeled off.
At an early age, many eyelids become drooping and these can be a good option for cosmetic eyelid surgery .
To get acquainted with these surgeries, we have discussed with Dr. Abolfazl Rahimi, an ophthalmologist and a specialist in eye and face plastic surgery:

Dr! Does eyelid surgery really make the eye more beautiful?
The loosening and loss of consistency of the skin and the tissues that hold the eyelids causes the eyelids to puff up and the skin of the area to hang.  In addition, it creates an unpleasant appearance, and sometimes people complain about the severity of their eyelids and the decrease in their visual field. In these cases, cosmetic eye surgery or face blepharoplasty is performed.

Blepharoplasty can be called “plastic and eyelid cosmetic surgery”: At what age can people do this?
The best people for this surgery, both male and female, are those who are physically and mentally healthy and have a realistic view of their operation. If one has a wrong idea of ​​this action, one will not get it wrong after the procedure.

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