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About Dr. Hossein Abdali

Born in Isfahan, he graduated from elementary to high school in the Hakim Sanai educational complex and obtained a Masters Degree in Physical Mathematics in 1981 and after attending entrance exams in Isfahan University of Technology and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. After consulting with the university professors and my personal interest in medicine, I began my education and graduated with a high school diploma in 1989 and was immediately accepted into the field of general surgery and began a specialized residency course at Isfahan University in 1993. Received his general surgery specialty board and as a faculty member of the university To associate professor for a year at the University of Kashan and Isfahan University was working.

In addition to cosmetic surgeries including the nose. Cheek and face lift and forehead. Eyelids. Breast and Abdominal Surgery, Prosthesis, Liposuction, Laser Therapy, etc., as well as surgical treatment of congenital facial and cranial abnormalities such as cleft lip and palate and premature closure of the skull in training medical students and specialist plastic surgery assistants. And I do research and research.

A brief overview of scientific and educational activities and activities:

1- Assistant Professor, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

2 – Member of the American Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons International ASPS

3 – Member of International Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons ISAPS

4 – Member of Iranian Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons ISPS

5 – Head of Isfahan Branch of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

6 – Head of Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, University of Isfahan

7 – Member of the Board of Experts of Iran Specialty Board of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

8 – Head of Isfahan CCRC Isfahan Congenital Craniofacial Disorders Research Center

9 – Head of Isfahan University Lip and palate cleft team

10 – Publishing 32 medical scientific articles in prestigious national and international journals

11 – More than 60 scientific lectures in plastic surgery scientific conferences at international and domestic conferences

12 – Guidance and accomplishment of more than 70 research projects and dissertations of students in general and specialized fields

13 – Publishing 5 volumes of books in different fields of medicine

14 – Performing thousands of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in the facial areas. Nose and. Eyelids and forehead. Eyebrows and cheeks. stomach . Breasts. Liposuction. Lasers and types of prosthesis. Injection of fillers and fat and Botox, types of facial and chest lifts, types of reconstructive and cleft surgery and other congenital cranial and facial abnormalities

Office Introduction

Cosmetic surgery office and clinic Dr. Hossein Abdali welcomes patients for all surgical and non-surgical procedures in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The surgeries that can be performed in hospitals and clinics with Dr. Abdali (Al-Zahra Hospital; Saadi Hospital; Milad Hospital; Spadana Clinic and Milad Clinic) include the following.
Surgery should be performed with general anesthesia in the hospital and clinic, and should be referred to the office for an initial visit and surgery. In addition to applying the following cosmetic procedures in the office and beauty clinic of Dr. Hossein Abdali local anesthesia can be performed.

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