Endoscopic facial and facial surgery

Endoscopic lifting can be done on different parts of the face such as the eyebrows and cheeks. This procedure is less painful and expensive than other cosmetic surgeries. But like other surgeries, there are some risks that we will explain below.
Our Pulse – The effects of aging may appear from the third or fourth decades of life if present. However, symptoms of these effects, in addition to age, can be attributed to skin characteristics, sunshine, overall health, genetics and lifestyle. One of the methods used to treat the effects of aging is endoscopic or endoscopic lift.

Endoscopic Facial Lift Endoscopic facial
lift is a procedure in which the endoscope is targeted to the middle area of ​​the face. The endoscope is a small pencil-like probe fitted with a small camera and a lamp that allows the surgeon to view the treatment area without large incisions.

Sometimes beauty issues are confined to a specific area in the face. Like the middle part of the face, one of the most prominent problems with age is the decline of the species.

Facial endoscopy is mainly used to access the mid-face area to relieve cheeks and also offers limited healing in the neck and chin. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and the anesthesia will be local or intravenous.

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