Fat Injection

What is Fat Injection?

Do you know that without weight gain you can make your face and hands younger and fat? Have you ever seen a photo of a fat injection? Do you know that the first thing you lose after losing weight is the same face and back of your hand? Do you know that facial aging in some people is due to the reduction of the fat under the skin and not just the skin itself? As you age, the fat tissue in your face shrinks, making skin more flaky and wrinkle-free, so pulling and raising the skin does not cause overall rejuvenation. Sometimes tightening and stretching the skin does not make it look younger, but getting older makes it younger, and this is where the importance of  injecting fat  into the skin becomes clear.

Fat injection applications

Parts of the facial skin that are reduced in size, such as cheeks, cheekbones, around the eyes, behind the eyes, under the eyes, eyelids, laughter lines, irises, thinning lips, chin and even body parts Such as the back of the hands, chest, vagina, etc. can be injected into the area by injection of fat taken from the individual and correct volume reduction. Most people who are interested in this  facial  injector tend to favor facialinjections more than other parts of the body, especially women or those who have suddenly lost weight over a certain period of time.

How to inject fat

The injection of fat  , called  lipo injection  ,  has been associated with terms such as  lipo-lifting . This happens when you want to get fat from one point to another. How- ever, at the outset of work where the lines of the body are to be identified, it is prepared to be naturally extracted by this work or some of the fat and transferred elsewhere and injected to form the body. Regain their shape. This is one of the ways to reduce the amount of fat in the face due to aging and overweight. With the loss of texture and the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and deepening, they can not only be treated by stretching the facial skin, injecting fat into those areas can also reduce the appearance of aging and make the face appear larger and younger. Injection of fat by dermatologist It should be done and the specialist physician should be very careful during this procedure because of its sensitivity and pay close attention to the amount of fat and the place of its removal as this injection will be very important and sensitive if done for some parts of the body (for Example of  lip injection). In general, this is often done in combination with the facial skin being pulled. In these conditions, not only does fat disappear, but it also finds a place for consumption. In this method, fat is removed by liposuction and removed wherever fat is high. The amount taken by the injection system is injected where necessary. Of course, fat intake is related to the amount of injectable fat. This operation can be performed in the form of topical or complete anesthesia depending on the volume of operation.Postoperative discomfort is not as noticeable as a complaint. Influenza and bruises will appear in the injection site, and these symptoms resolve within 7 to 10 days. After the injection, it takes about six months for half of the fat to be absorbed by the body and the other half to last.

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