Abdominal drop surgery

Abdominal drop surgery, also known as abdominoplasty. In this way, your doctor will remove the loose portions, excess fat tissue and related skin, smoothing the abdominal wall muscles and tightening the skin in this area.

You can also remove  all or part of the stretch marks created in the lower abdomen by performing  abdominal surgery . This problem usually occurs after childbirth, overweight, or weakened abdominal muscles. Most patients who have undergone abdominal surgery have increased self-esteem after abdominal surgery.

You can achieve the fitness you desire by undergoing abdominal surgery. As you know, having a large abdomen and abdominal discomfort is unpleasant and annoying for most people, but people are looking to fix it and nowadays you can solve this problem with a variety of abdominal slimming and abdominal surgery procedures and flat abdomen. And be firm.

Common Methods of Abdominal Fallopian Surgery

Abdominoplasty or abdominal plastic surgery

-Liposuction (subcutaneous fat removal)

– Use these two methods in combination

Abdominoplasty and abdominal surgery

In abdominal abdominal surgery with abdominoplasty, your doctor will cut the lower abdomen like a cesarean section on your abdominal skin, then your doctor will remove the skin and fat from your belly button, but keep the patient’s normal umbilical cord open later. Then the remaining abdominal skin is separated from the upper part of the navel by the abdominal wall muscles so that the remaining skin is stretched enough to attach to the lower edge of the abdominal incision.

Liposuction or lipolysis

In abdominal surgery with a lipolysis the doctor first injects a certain amount of serum containing specific compounds (Thumoscent solution) into the subcutaneous fat, then injects the fluid and fats using special tubes by making small holes in the outer skin. he does.


Subcutaneous fluid varies depending on the individual’s weight and health status, and the amount of fat excreted depends on the amount of fluid injected, but in the best case scenario, your physician may not exceed a few liters of fat Make a meeting out


For this reason, in people with fat around the abdomen and flank, the doctor may do this for more than one session. This procedure is suitable for people who have obese abdomen but do not have excess skin and abdominal discomfort. They have good skin quality and have a little crunch.

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