Large men’s breast lift, suction and lipomatics

Men’s breast enlargement is a complication called gynecomastia. About 50 percent of men and even teens have large breasts, and breast size can impair the quality of life psychologically. Adolescent breast enlargement is due to changes in sex hormone levels, and usually in 90% of cases, breast enlargement spontaneously resolves. But this is not the case in adult men. Gynecomastia is a complication that can significantly improve surgery. Lipomatics is  an effective and urgent method for removing excess fat in the gynecomastia patients.

What Causes Men’s Breast Enlargement?

This is called false gynecomastia if a lot of fat accumulates in your breast tissue. The good news for patients with this disorder is that exercise and diet can help improve it and do not require surgery. The enlargement of the nipples indicates the enlargement of the glands in the breast. This type of gynecomastia in men, exercise and diet is not enough. Therefore, in addition to liposuction, it is also necessary to perform men’s breast reduction surgery. There are several reasons for men’s breast enlargement:

  •  The body is collecting estrogen mimics from chemicals or polluting the environment, which can lead to excessive buildup of breast tissue. The extra estrogen always makes the breast bigger.
  •  Testosterone levels gradually decrease with age and estrogen levels increase due to excess adipose tissue.
  •  Taking certain medications can increase your breast size. Some types of antibiotics, cancer drugs, and other types of drugs can cause breast enlargement.
  •  Thyroid gland enlargement causes men to enlarge their breasts.
  •  Kidney and liver diseases lead to gynecomastia.
  •  Sometimes the tumor can cause breast enlargement, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excessive calorie intake can cause enlargement.

Are you a good candidate for lipomatics breast reduction?

Based on the following, it can be said whether or not you are a good applicant for breast reduction:

  •  Stability of physical and emotional health
  •  Gynecomastia of one or both breasts
  •  You must be over 18 years of age. Doctors advise teens to postpone breast surgery as they continue to grow during adolescence. 
    • Suitable for flexibility and elasticity.

In the following cases, you cannot be a suitable applicant for breast reduction:

  •  An unhealthy body or some illnesses make you not a good candidate for surgery.
  •  Not having a realistic view of the surgical outcome

Before performing a breast augmentation surgery, you must provide the surgeon with a complete medical record. This will help the surgeon identify a set of possible causes that have led to breast enlargement.

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