Different features of breast prosthesis


Breast prosthesis is available for breast enlargement in various sizes. Choosing the right size for you is crucial to ensuring the long-term success and durability of a breast prosthesis. The surgeon will help you choose the best size for your beauty goals.


the shape

The type of prosthesis you choose depends primarily on your goals of beauty. Some give birth to a form. The types of breast prosthesis are as follows:


Round Breast Prostheses

Often a round prosthesis, even more than drop-shaped prostheses, which are considered the most natural option for breast implantation, creates the normal state of the breast. Round prostheses are stretched to the gravity force and create a more natural posture for the breasts, especially when the women undergoing breast prosthesis surgery; round prostheses, such as natural breasts, are pulled more naturally to the corners and more natural posture. It takes on itself.


Drop-shaped breast prostheses

Patients who seek breast anatomy with low anatomical breast enlargement usually have droplet prostheses because of their peculiar shape in the lower part of the breast and gradually decrease in volume to the upper breast and completely resemble the normal shape. They choose the breasts. Drop-shaped breast prostheses enhance the natural line of the breast and often require no massage to form the prosthesis after surgery.



The prominence of the breast implies the distance from the body to the breast. Prosthetics of the same size can give a different appearance to the breast based on their prominence, which typically includes low, medium, high, and very high. The best choice for breast resection depends on the prosthetic surgery on the body structure and the beauty goals you have set for your surgeon.


Breast prostheses are available in a range of sizes from 1cm to 4cm. By trying different sizes you can decide between the size of a larger or smaller breast prosthesis. Your choice will allow Dr. Parvizian to plan your breast augmentation surgery more precisely.


Interior materials

There are two approved options for breast prosthesis: silicone gel and salt serum. Although both substances are approved by Health Canada, they each have different characteristics and benefits.


Silicone prosthesis

The unique quality of silicone prostheses for breast enlargement has made it a popular choice today in countries where both silicone and salt serum are widely available. Silicone prostheses are available in a range of rigidity (from very soft to rigid). So you can choose the option you prefer. Today, the coherent, compact silicone type does not have the problems of former silicone prostheses.


Salt serum (saline)

Some patients prefer the appearance and feel of a salt serum prosthesis. The sample consists of a silicone shell placed in the chest and then filled with sterile saline (brine solution) through a valve. The size of the prosthesis shell as well as the amount of salt solution used to fill it is what determines the final appearance and softness of the breast.


Gum prostheses

The newest type of breast prosthesis, which is growing in popularity among patients, is adhesive gel prostheses, which are known to people as gum prostheses. These prostheses allow the breast prosthesis to retain its shape and not break out of its contents if it is torn. In addition to preventing their contents from leaking during prosthesis rupture, they are less likely to break in the first stage because of their high strength. It’s worth noting that the prosthesis is not firm, dry, or stiff. Resin breast prostheses are often soft, giving the tissue a natural feel and giving it a natural feel.



The structure of the breast prosthesis can be tissue-free, smooth, or tissue-free. The prosthetic tissue is designed to prevent displacement and to reduce the amount of capsular contraction, but is not recommended for any type of body structure.

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