Tips after Botox Injection

The best way to reduce swelling after a Botox injection is to use an ice compress for the Botox area.

It is recommended to avoid bending and falling asleep for several hours after injection and the head to be vertical.

Immediately after the injection of Botox, you can go to work or continue your daily activities, but avoid heavy workouts and strenuous activities.

Avoid pressing the area where Botox is injected.

The care after a botox injection is due to the effect of botox and it is necessary to observe them.

Botox recovery is very easy and takes a short time.

In some cases, very little bruising is detected in the injection area, which can be resolved over time.

On average, Botox lasts about two to four months, and you need to inject Botox again.

The results of Botox can be seen completely after 1 to 4 days and its positive effects can be seen on the person’s face.

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