How to sleep properly after nose surgery

The nose has a great impact on the beauty of the faces of the person and the person who decides to have a nose surgery wants to see the best result and be completely satisfied. Satisfaction with the outcome of nasal cosmetic surgery, in addition to choosing a skilled physician for surgery or irrational expectations of the patient, also depends on subsequent nasal surgery care. In this article we will explain how to sleep properly after nose surgery. Stay with us:



Post-natal cosmetic surgery is as important as cosmetic surgery itself. Failure to follow the recommendations after a nasal cosmetic surgery may not work well with a skilled nose surgery. Proper sleeping after nose surgery and observing the tips related to it is one of the post-natal care that needs to be taken care of.


Proper sleeping after aesthetic surgery until the nasal cartilage is firm and the nose has a great impact on the outcome of the surgery is recommended.


Hold your head above the level of your heart for 2 to 3 days after your aesthetic surgery. In fact, your head should have a greater angle to the surface. To do this, place a pillow under your head while sleeping. This will reduce the swelling of your nose and face.

After nose surgery, you should sleep on your back and it is strongly advised to avoid sleeping on your stomach. This is to prevent the patient from subconsciously turning around during sleep and damaging the nose and moving the nasal bones. You can place a few pillows on your sides to keep your face flowing up and down while sleeping completely.

You can sleep side by side if you wish, but this will make one side of your nose more swollen than the other.

If you are married and your child is young and is used to sleeping at night, we recommend sleeping only in the first week after surgery to prevent your spouse or child from touching your face unconsciously during the night.

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